Is Digital Disruption a Good Thing

Digital Distruption

Digital disruption is a mindset that ultimately leads to a way of behaving; it bypasses traditional analog barriers eliminating the gaps and boundaries that prevent people and companies from giving

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Customer Experience Vs Customer Engagement – What’s the Difference?

“Engagement” and “experience” are often mistaken as one in the same, but they’re not.

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Digital Architecture: Patterns for World-Class Customer Experience and Engagement

We know that digital execution (the how) matters.

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Implementing Digital Architecture


You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. It starts with what incredible benefits can we give to the customer. Where can we take the customer?
Steve Jobs

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10 Fundamental Principles of Experience Design – Part 2


A few months ago, we published Part 1 (10 Fundamental Principles of Experience Design), of a 2 part series on the 10 fundamental principles of experience that guides our work at LiquidHub. In that post, we did deep dives into

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10 Fundamental Principles of Experience Design


Ten fundamental principles of experience guide our work, and we use them to illustrate how and why we developed our UX Canvas. We’ve introduced each of the principles before (

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Digital Hotel Innovation & User Experience


“Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Traveller to the innovation hotel. We’re making it easier and faster to get into your hotel room by reimagining the travel experience, and we remember your preferences for the temperature setting in your room,” said a doorman never.

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