Making Better Use of CRM Data

Having a good knowledge of CRM data enables businesses to develop better, more precise marketing strategies that target specific customer needs, increase sales and improve customer service. But gaining these deeper

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How to Turn Self-Educated Buyers into Satisfied Buyers

How to Turn Self-Educated Buyers into Satisfied Buyers

Buyers are officially in control of the buying process. This fact is no surprise to marketers and salespeople who have found their roles completely redefined in the past several years.

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Top 10 Customer Relationship Management Articles for Wealth Advisors


It’s been said that the best gift is time. As many wealth advisors and their firms are busy wrapping up 2014, we thought we’d save you some time by recapping our best CRM discussions of the year.

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Can CRM Work for Contractors?

Can CRM Work For Contractors

CRM systems have historically been marketed as a productivity tool for sales, marketing and customer service teams.

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CRM Budgeting – Contracting a CRM Partner


CRM budgeting is the most productive practice to ensure your investment actually provides a positive financial return. Working with a CRM partner can make the difference when it comes to ROI longevity.

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How to Create a Successful CRM Project Budget


A CRM investment involves more than simply purchasing a software. Thoughtful preparation and long-term budgeting truly is what differentiates successful CRM projects from those that go awry.

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Do you need Sales Force Automation (SFA) or CRM?


Before the Salesforce brand became ubiquitous with the term CRM (customer relationship management), it all started with automation tools. These types of Sales Force Automation systems (or, SFA), like ACT! for example,

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Gmail vs. Outlook and Salesforce Integration


Bill Goulette, our Salesforce Practice Director of Mid-Market and Commercial, chats with Steve Chipman, President of Lexnet CRM, to discuss the pros and cons of Gmail vs. Outlook and Salesforce integration.

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CRM vs Marketing Strategy – What’s the Difference?

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A CRM strategy and a marketing strategy both share related purposes and are integral to each others success. Every business needs both. However, each strategy has it’s own unique distinctions.

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Limitations of CRM


If we juxtapose the balance of nature (that naturally for each “positive” there must be a balance of “negative”) with the decision to purchase CRM software, we arrive at the intersection of benefits vs cost.

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6 Ways to Keep Your CRM System in Tune


Ignoring regular maintenance to your CRM system can significantly disturb several aspects of a business including the actual system itself. Even though the tasks to keep the system in tune do require regular time and attention, the maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore.

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Top CRM Features for Marketers


These days, if you ask marketers if they would prefer a marketing automation tool or a CRM application, most would chose marketing automation. It’s not really a surprise since CRM is most widely regarded as a sales tool that marketers are forced to use.

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