Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

Even though each sales rep works towards their own quotas and goals, succeeding in sales requires a team effort – because when the

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10 Fundamental Principles of Experience Design


Customer experience is the interaction between a company and the customer over the entire customer journey.

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10 Fundamental Principles of Experience Design – Part 2


A few months ago, we published Part 1 (10 Fundamental Principles of Experience Design), of a 2 part series on the 10 fundamental principles of experience that guides our work at LiquidHub. In that post, we did deep dives into

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Researchkit: Getting Paid For Who You Are


Apple’s ResearchKit is a promising new method for gathering medical research data but what if someone developed a revenue model that paid data contributors? That was a questions I asked

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Is Apple the Next Hermes?


Unless you live under a gargantuan luddite rock, you already know Apple will launch the Apple Watch on Monday, March 9th. And everybody is handicapping how good it’ll be, how many Apple will sell (projections range from 10-30 million,

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Retail: Ready for a Mobile Revolution


As a digital experience designer, it is remarkable to contemplate how much has changed since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. Today, there are more than 1.8 billion smartphone users around the world and nearly 2 billion people using social media.

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Instacart: Digitally Enabled Grocery Shopping


In an era where just about anything you want can be ordered and delivered right to your door – generally on the same day and often within the hour, it’s surprising that grocery delivery services aren’t more ubiquitous.

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The Path Towards a Consumer Wearable Computer


Private Eye (1989), the MicroOptical (1997) and The Chorder (mid 1990s), a wearable chording keyboard represent a few of the devices on display in the exhibition.

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10 Fundamental Principles of Experience Design


Ten fundamental principles of experience guide our work, and we use them to illustrate how and why we developed our UX Canvas. We’ve introduced each of the principles before (

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Digital Hotel Innovation & User Experience


“Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Traveller to the innovation hotel. We’re making it easier and faster to get into your hotel room by reimagining the travel experience, and we remember your preferences for the temperature setting in your room,” said a doorman never.

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Startups We’re Following – The Connected Home


Startups We’re Following – Connected Home

Connected homes are driving adoption of the Internet of Things for most people, and it’s startups that are bringing many of the devices to the market.

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Startups We’re Watching – Transportation


Transportation is huge — so startups are naturally trying to address this market. More than one billion vehicles exist globally, while Americans drive an average of 14,000 miles per year and navigating this market could yield boundless opportunities.

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