Technology or marketing tool?

On April 22nd Nationwide Insurance released an “Accident Toolkit” on the iPhone Store designed to “guide you through the steps to take after an accident.”   The services the app provides include:

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Meet the New Boss… Same as the Old Boss?

The more things change, the more they stay the same… Or do they?

Integration has been a key stumbling block between IT and Business stakeholders since the first modern computer systems began to be inter-connected. Throughout the days

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Recession = Managed Infrastructure Services

Hopefully the recession has bottomed out and we experience a relatively short period of “flat lining” before we ultimately begin to climb back to normalcy of a fully functioning economy. However, don’t think now is not an opportunistic time to sell IT services because it very much is! In particular, in this time of cost cutting, Managed Infrastructure  services makes a lot of sense to a lot of organizations.

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Software Configuration management, part I


Software Configuration Management (SCM) is the art of both controlling and tracking changes in a software project.If software engineering is fundamentally concerned with producing quality software in a known and repeatable fashion, then SCM is the fundamental tool that drives the operation of software engineering.

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JavaScript App Server Anyone?

Round #4374 of the JavaScript performance wars has just been completed and the winner this round is SquirrelFish Extreme. For those who aren’t “in the know”, here’s a quick recap.

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Cutter Consortium: A Recipe for Outsourcing Success

It’s no surprise that many companies have warmed up to the idea of outsourcing IT functions. But take it from a CIO: to make it work, you have to plan outsourcing right and instill effective vendor management practices. This Executive Report focuses on the best ways to plan for and manage IT outsourcing arrangements, as well as how to best manage your vendors.

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