How Predictive Analytics Improves Customer Experience

How Predictive Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experiences can determine if businesses will succeed or fail. In striving to provide successful experiences, businesses tend to focus on the importance of collecting data.

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Making Better Use of CRM Data

Having a good knowledge of CRM data enables businesses to develop better, more precise marketing strategies that target specific customer needs, increase sales and improve customer service. But gaining these deeper

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Mobile Marketing Automation – New Digital Customer Engagement Models


The state of the art in digital marketing is the integration of social, local, and mobile  or mobile marketing automation.

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BI and Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE): Roadmap for Execution


In every corporation, data volume, variety, velocity, and complexity are rapidly increasing. Big data is finally moving from a strategy buzzword to a mainstream execution.

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Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, Reporting Center of Excellence (CoE)


“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the problem is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker, a pioneer in modern advertising

We can say the same of enterprise investment in BI, analytics, and big data.

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Data Migration for Salesforce

Data Migration for Salesforce

CRM Data Migration isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can be a bit like going down a rabbit hole… you never quite know what you’re getting into until you’re in it.

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Operating at the Speed of Thought using Actionable Insights from Data

By Peter Delano, Practice Manager, CEB TowerGroup

On March 18th in NYC, LiquidHub is hosting an thought-provoking financial services event and cocktail networking session, Operating at the Speed of Thought. At this event, I along with LiquidHub’s Ravi Kalakota will address present solutions to the challenges faced by today’s fast-paced financial services industry. Specifically, my discussion will focus on how to enhance the way financial services organizations analyze, manage and utilize data to drive better business decisions and strengthen client engagement and retention.

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Can Big Data be Successfully Leveraged by Small Business? Turn your numbers into a tool.


For some reason when I hear the term big data, the show “Hoarders” instantly comes to mind. But, we’re not talking about houses or apartments full of stuff. We are talking about the critical information we collect about our

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Predictive Analytics: Going Beyond Historical CRM Data


Let’s first start off with the most basic definition of predictive analytics as it relates to CRM. Rarely do we refer to Wikipedia for reference material in any published article on our CRM Insights Blog. However, given the nature of our topic this week and the great example referencing CRM, Wiki offers an excellent prelude into our topic of interest: predictive analytics.

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Importing & Exporting Data to Salesforce doesn’t need to be difficult

If you’re a Salesforce power user or a System Administrator, you’ve likely found yourself in the position of having to import or export data at one time or another. Whether you’re importing new marketing leads, exporting data for advanced reporting or updating account and contact information, it doesn’t need to be difficult. The Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce provides an easy and functional tool for doing just this… and it’s FREE (Who doesn’t love free?!).

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CRM Best Practices: Preparing Data for Migration


Whether you are implementing a new CRM system, migrating from one to another or even doing a data integration project, special consideration should be give to your data. The importance of good data quality should not be underestimated since poor or incomplete data can lead to a low acceptance of the CRM application.

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Customer Data Management Best Practices

Customer Data Management

Customer Data Management is critical to effectively utilizing customer relationship management (CRM) software. Without up-to-date and complete customer data, customer service and sales suffer, as well as

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