Implementing Digital Architecture


You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. It starts with what incredible benefits can we give to the customer. Where can we take the customer?
Steve Jobs

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Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, Reporting Center of Excellence (CoE)


“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the problem is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker, a pioneer in modern advertising

We can say the same of enterprise investment in BI, analytics, and big data.

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Digital Marketing Architecture: CMO Playbook

Digital Marketing Architecture: CMO Playbook

This is truly an exciting time to be in marketing technology (martech) and data-driven marketing. There is a lot of innovation, experimentation and chaos.

The customer lifecycle around acquisition, engagement, commerce and retention is going through a major upheaval. Changing buyer behaviors are forcing companies to adjust

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Generation Next: Business-Oriented Enterprise Architecture

When it comes to technology, the evolutionary process never sleeps. Just look at Enterprise Architecture (EA). What started in corporate IT departments as a cutting-edge approach to managing an increasingly large and complex computing environment is now a prerequisite to success. Any organization serious about its future invests time and money in developing, implementing and actively managing their EA framework. Why? Because EA is the great translator. It allows all of a company’s various departments – from marketing and finance to the supply chain and risk management – to make sense of each other. It ensures that everybody is on the same page, speaking the same language. And that makes EA a critical part of any company’s strategy.

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SIMEAWG Annual Meeting

The SIMEAWG – or Society of Information Management (SIM) Enterprise Architecture Working Group – will host its annual meeting on January 15th, 2013 in Atlanta. This EA Working Group is comprised of about 70 individual members from the national SIM community. This year, the main topic of discussion at the upcoming annual meeting will be SIMEAWG’s publication of its annual research report on Enterprise Architecture practices, which will be based on the data collected in the 2012 survey.

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Business-Oriented Enterprise Architecture

by Raymond Bordogna

In 1987, an IBM business systems planning consultant published a seminal paper: A Framework for Information Systems Architecture. Although the article’s focus was on how best to model information systems, the resultant framework was later extended to model an entire business. This extension led to a discipline coined Enterprise Architecture (EA).

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The Fab 5 Enterprise Architecture Model for the Cloud

Fab 5 Model

The value of Enterprise Architecture is that its utility does not diminish with the relentless evolution of information technology. Indeed, it provides an indispensable framework in which to analyze a wide-variety of information-oriented processing systems. For example,

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The Missing Link: Enterprise Architecture

Typically, most organizations link strategy to execution using the following 3 management disciplines and process.

1. Strategic Management

First, executive management defines the strategy. Typically, the business strategy is captured via a collection of the following: vision statement, mission statement, statement of principles, enterprise objectives, core competencies and a strategic plan. Ultimately, strategy is about winning in the competitive marketplace.

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Cloud Computing + Business Architecture = COBA

Cloud Oriented Business Architecture

First, let’s all stop arguing about the merits of Cloud Computing.  It’s here to stay, whether you like it or not…when IBM markets Cloud computing to my mother during prime time TV, you can be certain this is no passing fad (sorry Larry).  In an earlier blog I highlighted the EA impacts of Cloud Computing and I wanted to keep that conversation going by working our way thru the traditional

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Will the Cloud Fire a Bolt of Lightning at my EA?

As students of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and the multitude of frameworks and taxonomies developed by TOGAF, Zachman, Meta Group and so on, we must consider the impacts Cloud Computing will have on our EA models. If you spend too much time reading hype marketing and watching TV commercials you might think

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