The Impact of Social Media on Customer Service

Customer Data

Customer expectations always are, and always have been, and always will be high. From experience to cost, businesses even well before our time have blazed a trail to satisfy these expectations and to ensure customer loyalty. However, social media has put customer service back in the hot seat, forcing all of us to accept and adapt to a modern wave of unbreakable customer empowerment.

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Why Do I Need a CRM Consulting Firm?

By Sid Lejfer

I participated in a very interesting sales call earlier in the week. The management of a 100 person organization needs to address a variety of business issues related to their sales, marketing, and customer service departments. They have decided to purchase and implement CRM software.

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From Silos to Systems

If you have any interest in baseball, you likely started focusing on the playoffs over the past few weeks and certainly this week as they are in full swing. As I walk through San Francisco, I am struck by how that same thing can be said for anyone participating in or attending Dreamforce. If you are in any way involved in sales or marketing, it’s a guarantee that you know about this conference. It has become THE event of the year.

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Real-Time Reporting: Just Compliance or a Competitive Edge?

Real-time reporting (RTR) is, in theory, a strategic marriage of technology, capability, and process that allows a company’s stakeholders to access data – sales numbers, stock prices and financial reports, for example – on an as-needed basis. In reality, near-time reporting is the best most organizations can do, but it’s nevertheless quickly becoming part of the regulatory landscape, thanks to the new rules imposed by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that change how much and what kind of financial information is made public.

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An Axiom of Reed’s Law The Financial Science Behind Big Data

by Jerry Smith

A principle consideration of most companies is the growth of revenue and margin, the top and bottom line. Just look at the modern day enterprise and one can find a wide variety of valuation-generation capabilities, ranging from innovation centers to product management. But a deeper look reveals that many are myopically focused on creating or improving their products and /or services, while woefully neglecting a rich source of value hidden in the simple zeros and ones of their massive data repositories. But why?

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