How Wealth Advisors can Manage Client Data with CRM


Managing client data with Wealth Management CRM is an essential operation that can help alleviate the burden of time consuming tasks, allowing for more opportunities to further develop the firm’s most

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What To Do When Your CRM System Isn’t Working – 4 Tips


A CRM system is only as good as the data put into it. Meaning, even the best can CRMs can fail to operate effectively due to poor use, mismanagement,

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Marketing for Wealth Managers Using CRM


Many wealth management firms face huge challenges to update their marketing strategies and tactics. Especially in our technology-driven world, how can wealth advisors successfully attract new clients and retain existing ones with CRM?

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Salesforce Tip: Microsoft Excel tool that makes data clean-up easier

A Salesforce data import or data update can be a tricky task — regardless of whether you do it yourself or hire a consultant. Especially when you have a spreadsheet full of data where it’s in ALL CAPS or lowercase. Usually that means a sizeable clean up project.

When a client sends us an Excel spreadsheet and the casing is not what we would consider clean, we have been using a handy Excel Add-In tool called “Change Case Excel”. Simply install this tool and it allows you to change the case of the selected cells. Here are the change case options:

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How to Create a Successful CRM Project Budget


A CRM investment involves more than simply purchasing a software. Thoughtful preparation and long-term budgeting truly is what differentiates successful CRM projects from those that go awry.

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