Salesforce Summer ’15 Brings Waves and Playgrounds


Raw data imports and a dashboard designer are among new mobile features for the Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

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Data Science Enabled Customer Service with Service Cloud New Intelligence Engine

DataScience and Analysys

According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, business success is now more dependent than ever on the customers’ relationship with the company. Yet while customer service demand rises, so continues an increase in business’ demand for better data and analytics.

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Innovative Features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud: What and Why

Social networking

As’s Sales Cloud continues to improve and mature, you will start to hear the term “Customer Success Platform” rather than Customer Relationship Management. While the Sales Cloud aims at making sales

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Lead Enrichment for Better CRM Database Maintenance

World information technology

Simply put, lead enrichment is a process that goes beyond regular CRM database maintenance – it is a smarter way to score leads based on explicit data, allowing sales and marketing teams to quickly segment and prioritize key

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Chatter for SharePoint (and many more Winter ’15 Enhancements) Now Available!


Who says that and Microsoft can’t play nicely?

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Top 10 Customer Relationship Management Articles for Wealth Advisors


It’s been said that the best gift is time. As many wealth advisors and their firms are busy wrapping up 2014, we thought we’d save you some time by recapping our best CRM discussions of the year.

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The Effects of Marketing and Sales Alignment


Aligning marketing and sales teams is essential to the success and sustainability of every business. Although, according to a 2014 Corporate Visions Study, only ten

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Successful Sales Follow-up Calls start with CRM

They're the best team in the call center

If you are a salesperson, you probably know the phrase, “the fortune is in the follow up.” Yet the real key to better lead conversion lies not in simply following up, but rather doing it in a timely fashion.

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Top 4 Advantages to Using a Cloud CRM System for Wealth Managers


The practical application of cloud-based CRM can bring tremendous financial advantages to wealth management firms. Compared to the higher costs typically associated

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Preparing for Marketing Automation


With more and more companies accepting the idea that a Marketing Automation system is as necessary to the marketing department as a CRM system is to the sales department, marketers are looking for information on

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CRM Budgeting – Contracting a CRM Partner


CRM budgeting is the most productive practice to ensure your investment actually provides a positive financial return. Working with a CRM partner can make the difference when it comes to ROI longevity.

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Salesforce Tip: Use Action Plans to schedule repetitive tasks


Do you or any of your team members have repetitive action items that requires scheduling the same series of tasks for different contacts? Action Plans by Salesforce Labs lets you create reusable task

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