Top Medicare Trends from 2016

Medicare Open Enrollment is brutally competitive, and a strain on Medicare marketers everywhere. As one of my favorite clients said to me the other day, “Every year is stressful and a race to the finish.”

Well, another OEP has come and gone, and you can turn your attention now to those steady new members who are aging in for the first time. There are 10,000 baby boomers aging in every day, and they are your youngest and healthiest prospects for Medicare. But they are behaving differently these days, and it may be showing in your results.

For an average regional health plan, this can mean $100 million a year in missed opportunities to sell. For larger plans, much more is at stake.

Research from Deft tells us two things that should change the way you approach this group with tactics and messaging.

First, people are retiring later and later because of Social Security and other factors, and second, when they learn about Medicare, they do it online. Yes, online is the #1 channel, and the #2 source overall after family and friends. So if you are only sending snail mail to 64 year olds and then stopping at 65, you are missing the large percentage that are not yet ready for Medicare and will be shopping online when they decide that they are ready. I would consider this a double miss.

Think about it. These are people who are baby boomers. Technically, they aren’t even considered seniors yet. They have had computers on their desks and devices in their pockets for decades, not years. In a recent round of website usability testing for a client, for the first time we did not encounter a single participant that was unable to navigate a site on desktop or mobile device.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this late retirement phenomenon and that is to use digital tools to determine who is READY for Medicare and who is NOT READY to enroll but anxious to learn more. Finding out who is which and delivering them an individualized digital path through the complexities of approaching Medicare will differentiate you from the mass solutions in the marketplace

LiquidHub helps you calculate your revenue opportunity, and shows you how digital tools will help educate both the Ready and Not Ready individuals more effectively, and eventually convert both to members.

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