Why Customer Journey Mapping is Key to Improve Customer Experience

In this day and age of digital proliferation it is imperative for businesses to be customer-centric. Almost all businesses are quite good at collecting data on their users. Is the data put to good use? Is it being leveraged to understand the customer experience?

It is critical for organization to understand user’s feelings, questions and needs from the initial contact and throughout the process of engagement. This is where Customer Journey Mapping comes handy.

Journey mapping may focus on a specific part or give a summary of the user’s experience throughout the sales funnel. It demonstrates what the customer wishes to accomplish and what they expect from the organization.

A customer journey map is a framework that maps out stages of your customer’s lifecycle. It enables you to improve the customer experience by helping you best understand how customers are interacting with you and helps you to identify areas for improvement moving forward.

Why Use Customer Journey Mapping?

A customer journey map is a very powerful tool, it enables the business to see how users go through the sales funnel, where they came from and what are they trying to accomplish. This provides an opportunity to analyze the data so you can enhance the customer journey and offer an exceptional digital experience to users.

Journey mapping also can help a business to make key decisions on product enhancements. Once the journey map is established, it becomes evident what part of your product customers are focusing on and where there is no interest. Your product development team will be able to prioritize exactly where they should spend their time and energy on future deliverables.

More importantly, journey mapping makes users the focal point of organization’s thinking. It shows how customer behavior has changed with mobile, social media, etc. It enables the decision makers to reflect on user’s need and wants. The entire team should be aware of what the customer wants, how they feel at each of the touch points in the journey and how they can deliver an amazing experience. Ultimately, the key to increased conversion is the user’s happiness.

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