4 Tips to Make Sales Happen Faster

As sales professionals, we have all become accustomed to a variety of traditional tactics to increase sales volume. Yet, companies looking to increase their sales should try to implement technology that increases efficiency and alleviates time-consuming manual tasks. The Salesforce AppExchange is home to thousands of great sales acceleration apps, and more are being added everyday.

So, we’ve put together a quick punch list of tips and our favorite Salesforce apps to help you achieve stronger sales in 2016.

Data Organization

Using a service like Data.com to supplement and enrich information about your clients and prospects gives you additional details on the companies you’re selling to and can help you accurately categorize your accounts into the most accurate stage of the sales opportunity. Data.com gives sales reps the ability to find contacts based on specific criteria like geography, industry, level, and company.

To take your information organization to the next level, we also recommend Export To Excel by LiquidHub. With this app, sales reps can save valuable time by exporting any list view from Salesforce.com to Excel with a single button click.

Also, check out The List Online Connector. This powerful sales acceleration tool provides access to accurate marketing, advertising, and media decision-makers, making it easy to identify prospects in The List to import into Salesforce.com. The List allows appending data to your existing leads and contacts and avoids duplicating your own leads and contacts – all while working within Salesforce.

Last, if you don’t already have a way to digitally scan business cards, we recommend ScanBizCards. The app scans business cards to offer a simple one-click export to Salesforce, allowing sales reps to quickly turn a business card into actionable Salesforce contact information.


Technology continues to be the main factor behind the role of the road warrior. For sales reps, it’s essential to have access to information on-the-go, and these apps can play a large role in making sales happen faster.

First, all sales reps using Salesforce need to download Salesforce1. No brainer. This useful app gives reps instant access to Salesforce information on your iPhone (or Android) and allows them to create, edit, and delete data. The app is free for Salesforce users and should be a standard tool in every sales’ reps arsenal.

Once you’ve set up Salesforce1, consider other apps like DocuSign that offer mobile capabilities for popular tasks that can be done on-the-go. Once a Salesforce account is connected with DocuSign, sales reps can access documents from accounts, cases, contracts or opportunities and immediately send them for signature from anywhere on your iPad or iPhone.

The My Task List app can accelerate your sales strategy, helping reps keep track of their “To Do” list when out of the office. My Task List also goes with you in the Salesforce1 mobile apps and features task management in a modern, card-based interface. Reps can create new tasks, sort & filter – and the task list dynamically refreshes when tasks have been assigned or updated.


Once you get your task list in order, it’s time to plan your daily sales activities. Quota Crusher is a great mobile tool for companies looking to better automate daily sales activities and create more personalized follow ups. Essentially with Quota Crusher, you’ll always know who your next sales call should be.

Last, we recommend Jitterbit. This data migration app enables Salesforce users to automate the import/export of data between flat files, databases, and Salesforce. Jitterbit can dramatically reduce time spent on administrative tasks by automating the import and export of critical business data from Salesforce, force.com and your databases and files – whether they live in on-premise or in the Cloud.


Sometimes, we all need a carrot. Your Sales Motivation Engine helps keep reps energized by recognizing internal competition and rewarding performance. The app is designed for sales managers, allowing them to easily create competition around any field in Salesforce: booking meetings, creating qualified opportunities, taking products to market, converting leads, completing fields, closing cases, advancing opportunities and closing deals.

There’s also other apps that offer gamification and performance inspired competition. The Ambition app helps unlock potential, achieve growth, and accelerate sales with advanced performance metrics. Ambition helps drive pipeline and overall productivity with their scoring system, and also allows sales competitions to be broadcast anywhere & real-time stats are made directly available to employees.

With so many options in the Salesforce AppExchange, every rep can tailor their Salesforce experience with a variety of tools to help them make sales happen faster.

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