Salesforce Tips to Increase Win Rates

CRM technology contributes greatly towards improving sales productivity. Yet even with all this efficiency has to offer, sales teams still face win rate challenges given an overwhelming variety of channels for finding and reaching new prospects. Plus, as global market competition continues to increase, sales reps need more accurate sources to better qualify prospects. The question is – where do you find the information you need to win? Prospector

Built natively into Salesforce, prospector tool is the easiest way to find new customers and instantly access clean data right in the cloud. Not only does the resource help sales staff find prospects faster it can also serve as a great tool for marketers to execute more effective campaigns. Everyone benefits from real-time clean data.

And, because information from is plugged right into Salesforce, sales reps can quickly find accurate names, emails, phone numbers and more without having to leave the interface. When company and contact information work seamlessly in Salesforce, sales (and marketing) are able to target prospects more effectively and allocate resources more appropriately.

Many use the tool to simply grow their pipeline with qualified leads. But, did you know that the prospector tool also delivers instant access to relevant content? This information arms sales reps with talking points and topics that relate to a prospect’s specific interests.

Connect Salesforce to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a treasure trove of data about companies and individuals because it’s the only company with clean and accurate details on pretty much every contact that matters in the professional business world. Connecting LinkedIn to your Salesforce database gives companies a full-circle understanding of customers and prospects. Pulling info similar to that of, LinkedIn information such as group affiliations and previous positions are additional detail layers that help paint better prospect pictures. For example, Salesforce can automatically light up all the right prospects tailored for their business, allowing for one-click actions so sales reps can easily reach out to prospects with the best personalized offers.

However, keep in mind that “winning LinkedIn” doesn’t simply mean having hundreds of LinkedIn connections. Using the platform successfully requires strategy if you want to increase win rate.

LinkedIn also reflects the direction sales is heading with strong channels for thought leadership. Connected to Salesforce, LinkedIn serves as a tool to educate and advocate for your customers versus just selling to them. As a social network, it provides a platform for promoting educational content in an organic, viral way that’s way more enticing than the blast emails we get from today’s marketing and sales automation systems. This kind of approach has tons of potential, especially for under-tapped sales and marketing opportunities around emerging trends or topics.

Track and Communicate

Once you’ve connected your Salesforce to and LinkedIn, you’ll want to make sure you are tracking the right information that you need to make successful sales calls. The rich activity timeline allows you see and access the most up-to-date contact information and helps you understand best practices and relevant documents to send to your prospects.

Marketing also benefits from and LinkedIn information tracking as it helps uncover relevant insights for better marketing communications. Within the Salesforce interface, marketers can better target information specifically based on important demographics, send more meaningful email and communicate with more relevant materials (such as blogs or demo videos). And if they aren’t interested right now, add them to a nurturing drip campaign. Lastly, be sure to leverage Salesforce analytics to see how well the efforts are paying off. Over time, you should see an increase in win rates correlated directly to more refined, targeted communications thanks to accurate data.

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