Surviving Dreamforce 2015: Planning Ahead (Part 1)

Even for seasoned veterans, Dreamforce can be a little bit daunting. With this mega-conference coming up in just a couple of months, we’ve polled our team to get the best tips and tricks to help you survive this incredible week in San Francisco.

Plan ahead

Every Dreamforce attendee that we’ve spoken to has said that scheduling (at least part of) their conference in advance is critical, as some sessions fill up fast. With 1,500+ sessions and thousands of demos taking place over four short days, it is impossible to see everything. Look for the Agenda Builder on the Dreamforce website (launching in early August) to help you plan your sessions.


So, before you and your colleagues land in San Francisco, take a minute to think about what you really want to gain from this conference. While you may want to wander around to whichever booths or demos grab your attention, find at least a few that you feel will really benefit you after the conference and set time aside to attend them.

You may also want to consider the divide and conquer approach. If there are 2+ people from your company at Dreamforce, plan to go to different sessions and then knowledge share.

Tips for having the least stressful yet most productive week ever:

  • Review the Dreamforce ‘15 Sessions page to narrow down which sessions look interesting for you or your company.
  • If you’re already an experienced Salesforce user, expand your knowledge base by reaching out to Salesforce partners and visiting the Developer Zone
  • Check out the Salesforce Success Community page to find more information about the conference.
  • Give yourself time between sessions to travel between different locations.
  • When you go to sessions or keynote speakers, be at LEAST 30 minutes early for the sessions and 60 minutes early for the keynotes – seats fill up fast!
  • Don’t stress about not being able to make a certain session or demo, it will inevitably be uploaded to YouTube after the conference.

Do you have any Dreamforce planning secrets? Let us know how you get ready for Dreamforce! Be sure to check out Part 2 of our blog series Surviving Dreamforce 2015 to be posted in a couple of days!

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