Surviving Dreamforce 2015: Networking (Part 3)

In our final installment of our Surviving Dreamforce 2015 series, we discuss how you can network both with apps and in social settings. Missed the first two posts in the series?
Catch up here: Part 1 and Part 2.

Have the right Apps

If you’re attending a technology conference, you undoubtedly need to come with some of the best apps in the game to maximize your Dreamforce experience.

The most obvious app to download is the Dreamforce App. This app has maps of the campus, as well as gives details about the 1,500+ different sessions, so you’ll be in the know throughout the week.

To keep track of all of the genius ideas you come up with during the conference, download Evernote. This app is simple, easy, and allows you much more flexibility in your note-taking than a traditional paper notebook. The basic version is free and it will sync between your phone and computer automatically.

FullContact Card Reader is another great app that allows you to take a picture of a person’s business card, extract the contact information, and save it for future use. As an added perk, this app allows you to add notes to contact records when they’re created, meaning you can keep track of conversation topics, personal interests, and other important tidbits with ease. This information can be used in many apps, but for Salesforce users, you can upload this contact information directly into the platform to create new leads.

Need a ride to/from the conference center but don’t want to wait for a taxi? Check out Uber where you can request a ride and get picked up within minutes. With this app, you can set your pickup and drop off location and check the progress of your Uber at any time. This is an “on-demand” service so no reservations are required.

WiFi Map is a Wi-Fi community that details free hotspots, passwords and tips from real people. There are over 2 million Wi-Fi hotspots in this app with roughly 2,000 in the Bay Area. Battery life is crucial during conferences and joining a free Wi-Fi will help preserve it.


Tips for staying tech savvy

  • Definitely bring a portable phone/device charger. If you think your phone dies quickly during the workday, you’re in for the shock of your life. Luckily for you, the LiquidHub booth located, N2100, located in Moscone North and the LiquidHub Financial Services Kiosk in the Industry Solutions area will have portable chargers. Stop by, learn about LiquidHub and grab a charger.
  • Don’t bring your laptop. Everything you think you need to do on your computer, you can easily do on a phone or tablet. A laptop will just be a pain to lug around. You may want to bring a keyboard for your tablet so it’s easier &quicker to take notes during the session.

Have fun, but not too much fun

Let’s be real here – one of the main perks of attending Dreamforce is the networking component. Whether its gaining leads, meeting new friends, or maintaining existing relationships, attendees absolutely rave about the social aspect of this conference. Monday through Thursday, there are happy hours, networking events, company-sponsored parties, and more. You could, and should, go out every night; however, be smart about what you do out on the town. While that third dirty martini may be tempting, you don’t want to be hungover or too tired to take advantage of whatever Dreamforce has to offer the next morning.

LiquidHub will be hosting two events where we hope to see you: On Tuesday night our Wealth Management Happy Hour (only for Wealth Managers!) and on Wednesday night our Client Appreciation Happy Hour!

Tips for being a functioning Dreamforce socialite

  • Limit yourself to 2 to 3 drinks
  • Alternate water and adult beverages
  • If your hotel is close, refresh yourself for 30 minutes between day and night activities.

Whether you’re a seasoned Dreamforce veteran or a first-time attendee, this conference is the experience of a lifetime. Let us know what you are most looking forward to this year, and be sure to visit our booth, N2100 at Moscone North and Financial Services Kiosk.

Check back to our blog for our recommended Dreamforce sessions as well as a Dreamforce wrap-up!

See you in September!

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